Trenzar Poncho


The little hint of a  lighter shade passing through the many delicious colors of Trenzar adds a special interest to this already interesting poncho.   Pattern allows for additional length and width.

Included in your kit:  Yarn, Pattern available on Ravelry, Le Poncho d’Alexis

Mfg./Yarn: Louisa Harding

Yarn Information: Alpaca & Acrylic, hand wash

Size:  One size – sufficient yarn to make poncho longer

Level: Intermediate

Supplies Needed:  Circular or Straight Size 8 or size needed to attain gauge, cable needle

View colors: click here

K-TRE-302 K-TRE-302
K-TRE-306 K-TRE-306
K-TRE-307 K-TRE-307
K-TRE-308 K-TRE-308
K-TRE-309 K-TRE-309
K-TRE-310 K-TRE-310
K-TRE-311 K-TRE-311
K-TRE-318 K-TRE-318
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